The standard means of delivery for our products is a training session within a group for up to fifteen delegates. All sessions consist of some or all of the below elements:

  • Group seminars
  • Individual action organisation
  • In partners or small group work
  • Case studies
  • Face- to-face input from trainer

If you are interested in Business Web Directories, please contact us and we shall endeavour to answer your questions.

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Welcome to Business consultation services

We are devoted to raising professional standards of business and commerce within small, medium and big companies.

It is often considered that the only constant is change and companies still don’t capitalise on the possible advantages of the change because their employees do not have the right skills to allow themselves and the organisation to gain from the benefits. When change does take place, there should be an interpretation to see what development people require and a subsequent scheme, or schemes, put in place to meet this need.

Our consultants have spent several years in industry and recruitment experience and they work with these specific market areas:-

  • Public sector and charities - We help many public sector, charity and non-for-profit firms with their hiring and selection of management and senior managing employees
  • Senior appointments and finance - Our consultants have enabled many established and growing companies discover and draw in the very best important personnel who have been key in pushing these organisations forward
  • Sales and business development - We hire for a number of roles: Sales Representative, Technical Sales, Sales Executive, Sales Manager, Field Sales, Sales Director, Account Management, BDM, Account Manager, Telesales et cetera. Our primary clients operate in several industries such as stationery, software, services and systems, engineering, manufacturing, telecoms, logistics to name but a few

What We Offer

A series of schemes through which people work on their personal skills. They may need new skills because of some alteration in the firm or in their occupational role, or because of a current lack in their skill set. Potentially they are being considered for a different role and so need new skills. Whatever the reason, making people’s skills better will help the organisation. The programmes that we have are generic, founded on our experience of what is usually necessary. But for any change situation we believe that we should work with the client to work out what particular skills are required and the context in which they will be used. This involves customising the products.

Overview of services

Our services allow people to gain knowledge, personal insights and experience which allows them to build a career plan in an intelligent and positive frame of mind. This also involves what-if planning to make sure that unanticipated or unwelcome possibilities are considered.

All the sessions are proactive and every delegate takes away an excellent set of notes that mirror the content of the programme. We also undertake one-to-one training with management and employees who require certain skills. The sessions can take place at the client’s workplace, at offices or at any place picked by the delegate.

Features of the product

The product involves material relating to team exercises, leadership, the job market on transferable skills, your ideal job, vital and desirable requirements, strengths and weaknesses, how to network, how to make a speculative job application, how to write a CV, interview techniques, applications, how to research, does discrimination affect applications, writing effective letters, what do companies look for in a candidate, what to do when you’ve got a new job, psychometric candidate testing.